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Asian Zone Youth Champs

The original decision of the TBNZ Board was not to participate in the 2015 Asian Zone Youth Champs in Macau, China, from March 22-31.

However, subsequent to this decision, TBNZ received a request from Josh Stretton and Blake Brooks to compete in this event.  TBNZ saw the benefit of the opportunity for continuous development for these athletes, hence the Board agreed to send a partial team and endorsed their participation.

Mark Stretton will be the coach and Kevin Brooks will be the Manager.

We wish Josh and Blake all the best in their endeavour in their pursuit of continuous development.

NZ Senior Team to World Champs

The following athletes have been selected for the 2015 Senior World Champs in Las Vegas, from August 23-30:

Ladies: Cushla Burns, Lynnaire Churchill, Janet Miklos, Wink Mustchin.

Men: Gregorio Nicolas, Roger Tucker, Terry Mustchin, Hamish McGrigor.

Team Management
Team Coach: Adrian Judd.
Assistant Coach/Manager: Albert Saw.

More information can be found here.

Congratulations on your selection, we are sure you will do NZ proud.

2015 Senior Nationals

TBNZ, in association with Manukau Superstrike, is proud to present the 2015 TBNZ Senior National Championships.  These will be held over Anzac weekend – April 24-27.

More information can be found on the Results website here.

Please note, all athletes competing in this event are required to submit payment for their entries in advance of the tournament, by the time entries close on Sunday April 19.  Payment into the TBNZ bank account is strongly encouraged, details for doing this are on the entry form and rules documents.

The entry form is a ‘fillable’ PDF file, which can be completed electronically.  Athletes should download this file to their PC and use a PDF reader to fill in and save the details, some browsers don’t allow filling forms on PDF files and others can be unreliable when saving changes.

Alternatively, athletes can also enter using the TBNZ Shop.  This has changed from last year, as follows:

-  Athletes can select a 2nd all-events grade without needing to add an additional all-events item to the cart.
-  Athletes can also name their doubles/teams partners separately, and also indicate which of their partners they are paying for, without adding more items to the cart.
-  In both of the above functions, the required all events/doubles/teams fees are added to the cart automatically.

However, submission of additional doubles/teams line-ups, or singles/all events entries for other athletes will require adding further items to the cart.

The ‘Cash on Arrival’ payment option has been disabled, due to payment being required in advance.  Payment by credit card will occur additional fees, but the ‘bank deposit’ payment option is free, and instructions are given on what to put in the reference details.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask.

2015 Malaysian Open

All TBNZ members are cordially invited to attend the 2015 Malaysian Open, being held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, from April 29 - May 7.

Further info can be found at the links below.  Any inquiries should be sent to administrator@mtbc.org.my.

Please also bear in mind, any TBNZ members that attend will need to have their membership status verified by TBNZ.

Invitation Letter - Rules and Regulations - Entry Form - Prize List - Squad Times

2015 Rankings Policy

The TBNZ mgmt team has done some analysis of the National Rankings at the end of 2014.  As a result of this analysis, and in consultation with the Board, we have made some changes to the Rankings System for 2015.

These changes are as follows:

- We have reinstated an entries multiplier on the amount of points awarded, which will kick in for each tournament division when more than 20 entries are received.  The points will increase by 10% for more than 20 entries, 20% for more than 30 entries, and 30% for more than 40 entries.

- We will implement separate Graded Rankings, for Men and Ladies only.  When competing in any Graded division, the points earned will count towards the Graded Rankings, but not the Open Rankings.

- These Graded Rankings will not be used for qualifying into the National Squad.  You will still need to bowl at least 6 events, entering the Open divisions, to be eligible for selection into the National Squad.

- We have already announced that the NTC will be ranked, athletes will be awarded points as per their team's finishing position, on the Grade 2 scale.  This will also apply to NSTC and NYTC.

- The Wayne MacDougall events will now be ranked as Grade 5, athletes will still be ranked by finishing position in the All Events.  Each Wayne MacDougall event will continue to be treated as a separate event.

The 2015 policy can be found on the Policies page.

Due to these changes, we will publish rankings as of Jan 1 2015 shortly, which will allocate ranking points according to the new policy to performance in tournaments in 2014.  There will be some changes to where athletes are positioned in these rankings.

However, qualification into the National Squad as at 31 Dec 2014 is not affected, as this was done by the 2014 policy, not the 2015 policy.

2015 Sponsor Centres

TBNZ is pleased to announce that the following centres have confirmed their sponsorship of TBNZ in 2015


Pins Lincoln (Henderson)
Manukau Superstrike

Central North Island

Tenpin 13th Avenue (Tauranga)
Strike Zone Entertainment (Rotorua)
Bowlarama Palmerston North


Kapiti Tenpin
Strike Entertainment Lower Hutt
Strike Entertainment Porirua
Bowlarama Newtown 

South Island

Bowl Line Dunedin  
Superbowl Invercargill


Many thanks go to the 10 centres that have continued their sponsorship from previous years.

We are also very proud to welcome Bowlarama Palmerston North as a brand new sponsor centre for 2015.

2015 National Squad

The 2015 National Squad has been finalised, all athletes who have accepted their invitations are listed on the brand new National Squad page here.  This is also available in the website quicklinks on the left.

This new page is fully interactive, with links to open each section of the squad individually, and clicking on each athlete's name or photo opens up a brief bio.

We also have listed the names of the squad management team, and the team selection panel, as well as links to important policies, and important dates.  We will be adding updates to the list of dates and athlete bios as more information comes to hand and plans are finalised.

Congratulations to all athletes in the squad.


2015 Membership Cards - Important information

As you probably already know, there have been changes to the distribution of TBNZ membership cards in 2015.  TBNZ no longer sends out batches of blank membership cards to each centre, these cards are now being issued by TBNZ upon receipt of membership data from each centre. 

Please note, it is each bowler’s responsibility to ensure they have a valid membership card when they bowl in a TBNZ sanctioned tournament.  They should not assume that by bowling in a league in any sponsor centre that their membership details have been recorded by TBNZ.

Any bowler who cannot prove their TBNZ membership when they check in at a tournament will be asked to pay their membership on line through the TBNZ Shop, or they will not be permitted to bowl.  Payment by credit card is recommended at this point, as confirmation is instant and the bowler will then be permitted to bowl.

The TBNZ Shop is fully responsive, and can be used on all types of internet capable mobile devices. 

Any member who joins through the Shop prior to competing in an event, who then become members through bowling at a sponsor centre, will have their membership fees paid through the Shop refunded in full, including any Paypal fees incurred.

If you want to join TBNZ, but you don't want to pay the Paypal fees associated with the Shop, you can do so through the Join TBNZ page.  You can then pay your membership fees into the TBNZ bank account through internet bank transfer.  This must be done at least 2 days prior to competing in an event, or we will not be able to confirm that we have received your funds.

After the tournament is complete, we will be checking membership data received from the centres, to ensure that all competitors are current TBNZ members.  Any who are not will not receive ranking points.  These will not be reinstated if the bowler subsequently joins TBNZ.

2015 Regional Camps 1 & 2 - Porirua and Manukau.

TBNZ is proud to present the first 2 camps of 2015, to be held on the following weekends:

Camp 1 - March 7-8, Strike Porirua.  More information can be found here.
Camp 2 - March 21-22, at Manukau Superstrike.  More information can be found here.

These camps are open to all TBNZ members of all ability levels.  There are different session times during the weekend, each session costs $45.00.

TBNZ would also like to include as many TBNZ registered coaches, and any people not qualified as a coach yet but interested in coaching at any level, in the regional camps.

Please see the flyers at the links above for more information on which sessions would suit you best, costs, other schedule items and the contact people to register your interest with.

All NZ Squad members must attend 3 regional camps per year.  They must also attend 2 training sessions at each camp, for a discounted cost of $70 per camp.

Registrations will be taken by email to Belle Swain.  Registrations close on Feb 28 for the Porirua camp, and March 14 for the Manukau camp.  All fees are required to be paid by these dates, no refunds will be given after these dates.

Each session is open to a limited number of athletes, so please get your registration in early to book the sessions you want.

The dates for Camps 3-11 can be found here.  More information on these camps will be forthcoming in due course.


2015 Advertising Policy.

TBNZ is pleased to announce that we have formulated a policy for placement of logos on TBNZ websites and documentation, for organisations that wish to support TBNZ.

This policy can be found on the Policies page.

Any organisations that wish to support TBNZ, please send an email to Josie Adams.

2015 Auckland Classic.

Pins Lincoln, in association with TBNZ, is proud to present the 2015 Auckland Classic. This event will be held at Pins Lincoln on February 28-March 1.

The entry form is now available from the tournament page.This is a 'fillable' PDF, you can fill it in electronically if you wish. Just download it to your PC, open it with a PDF viewer, complete the details at the bottom of page 2, save it, and send it to manager@pins.co.nz.

2015 Asian Zone Champs, Thailand.

The following athletes have been selected for the 2015 Asian Zone Champs:

Ladies: Annabelle Swain, Brooke Malone, Christine Rota, Ellen Slater, Ivena Heald, Suzanne Howell.

Men: Craig Nevatt, David Warwick, James Kelly, Sonny Reguerra, Terry Mustchin, Tim Swain.

Team Management
Team Coach: Adrian Judd.
Team Manager: Craig Nevatt. 

Further details can be found here.

The team will be travelling on January 13, we wish you all the best.

2015 Rulebooks

The updated TBNZ and WorldBowling Rulebooks are now available from the Playing Rules page.

The changes to the TBNZ rulebook deal with smoking and drinking whilst in competition - no smoking or drinking is allowed between games.  This also applies during lane changes.

2015 NTC Entry Form & Draft Application Form

The Entry Form and Draft Application Form for the 2015 NTC are now available from the tournament page.

These are 'fillable' PDF files, that can be completed and sent back electronically, without printing, filling out manually, then scanning/emailing or posting back to TBNZ.

To complete these forms, you may need to download them to your PC as some browsers do not support filling in the PDF within the browser. You will then need to open the form in a PDF viewer, complete the details on the form, save the form, then email to Pete.

2015 Regional Training Camps

The list of Regional Camps to be held in 2015 is below.  Thanks to all the centres listed for continuing to support these camps, by carrying over the 2014 terms of agreement to roll over to 2015 for the regional camps.

  • Camp 1 - Strike Porirua, 07-08 March
  • Camp 2 - Manukau SuperStrike, 21-22 March
  • Camp 3 - AMF Garden City Bowl, 02-03 May
  • Camp 4 - Kapiti Tenpin, 16-17 May
  • Camp 5 - Tenpin Tauranga, 20-21 June
  • Camp 6 - Manukau Superstrike, 27-28 June
  • Camp 7 - AMF Garden City Bowl, 25-26 July
  • Camp 8 - Manukau Superstrike, 01-02 August
  • Camp 9 - Tenpin Tauranga, 08-09 August
  • Camp 10 - Bowlarama Newtown, 15-16 August
  • Camp 11 - Strike Porirua, 26-27 September

Review of National Squad Training Policy

The National Training Squad Policy has been reviewed to make the wording more clearly reflect the intent of the policy, and remove any ambiguity and the possibility of misinterpretation.  The changes will take effect from 01 January 2015.   This means bowlers who will accept the invitation for the year 2015, will be governed by the new set of rules.

The new policy can be found at the PDF icon on the right, and has also been added to the Policies page.
TBNZ acknowledges and takes full responsibility for the ambiguity in the current policy around meeting requirements and accordingly the rankings (with at least 6 ranked-tournaments completed) at year-end December 2014 for current squad members will be taken into account when considering invitations to the 2015 squad.  
Invitation to the 2015 NTS will be sent out as soon as possible after all the regional camps are completed and the rankings for year-end 2014 are finalised.

Any questions about the new policy should be directed to either the National Squad Manager or the National Development Manager.

Also, the changes in the National Team Selection Policy necessitate a change to the 2015 NTC Rules, particularly the All-Stars teams.

Essentially the members of the All-Stars teams, if not already part of the National Training Squad, will become eligible for invitation to the National Training Squad when they complete the minimum requirements - 4 sanctioned tournaments and 1 regional training camp.

The updated NTC Rules can be found here.



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