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The New Zealand Senior Team is about to leave for The 14th Asian Seniors Bowling Championship to be held in Seoul, Korea from 22 - 30 November. The tournament has a Senior (50-64yrs) and Grand Senior (65+) division.

Our team consists of:

Men       - Tim Swain, Fred Housham, Chan Harris, Richard Holdaway

Women - Donna Fletcher, Catherine Sellman, Robyn Watkins and Annabelle Swain.


Good luck everyone.

Hopefully I will be able to post a link prior to the start for everyone wanting to follow the teams progress.



We bid our Webmaster goodbye

As you are all aware by now, David Davies (known as Beanie to all) resigned effective 31st of October from his position as the TBNZ Webmaster. David held a number of positions through the years, starting as the TBNZ Statistician back in 2005, a position he held until May 2016. In 2013 he took on board the TBNZ Webmaster role from Sharyn Armstrong. There were occasions where he also filled the gap for the TBNZ rankings officer and TBNZ Awards Co-ordinator roles. David developed and maintained the TBNZ tournament results programs and websites and provided live scoring onsite and in the last few years live results on the TBNZ website for all TBNZ-run tournaments. This year he has extended his wings by providing services through his own company for centre-run events.

To a lot of younger bowlers, David was the man in the corner that patiently compiled the statistics/results, but to many other bowlers David was so much more than that. He still holds the record for the most honour games bowled (12) with seven 300's, two 299's, one 298 and two 800 series. David isn't lost to bowling though and we hope to now see him on the lanes trying to improve on those statistics.

Thank you David for your service to New Zealand Bowling, your dedication to your roles was much appreciated. All the best for the future.

We hope to see you on the lanes at the Nationals - it would not be the same without you.

From: TBNZ Board and Management Team


Proprietors Representative appointment to the Board - 31/10/2016

At the last AGM a decision was made to appoint a Proprietors representative to the TBNZ Board to promote closer working relations between the sport of tenpin bowling and the bowling proprietors.

TBNZ would like to congratulate Stephen Penney who has been selected by the proprietors to fill this position.

New Zealand Rachuig team is in Sydney - 22/10/2016

The New Zealand team competing in the Walter Rachuig Tournament has arrived in Sydney, all except Sarah that is.

The team is:
Mens: James Kelly, David Warwick, Joseph Dumaran, Craig Nevatt, Brodie Hunt, Pete Richardson
Ladies: Sarah Young, Stephanie George, Kerrie Churchill, Christine Rota, Kelly Wilson, Dairne Kaimoana.

Manager: Stephen Penney
Coach: Mark Stretton

To follow their progress frame by frame, click here.  To check out results, click here.

Good luck everyone.


52nd QubicaAMFBowling World Cup Officially Opened - 17/10/2016

The ballroom in the Huating Hotel in Shanghai was the venue for the official opening ceremony for the 52nd QubicaAMF Bowling World Cup. And what a show it was.   Bowlers from the 83 competing countries marched in, each to a backdrop of their own flag and to applause from the packed ballroom.
Special mentions went to the two returning champions: Clara Guerrero of Colombia is the defending champion having won in 2014 and 2015, while Aumi Guerra from the Dominican Republic has also won the title twice (2010 and 2011); and to Georgia competing for the very first time and represented by Merab Akoubardia.
Official speeches followed, before Juan Cabezas, President and Chief Growth Officer of QubicaAMF, invited Mr Wu Qi, President of the Chinese Bowling Association, to join him in banging the ceremonial drum to officially start the tournament.   Then followed a tremendous floorshow, featuring a display of Chinese drumming and agile Kung Fu dancers.
Official practice takes place on Sunday 16 October with the tournament itself starting on Monday with the first set of qualifying games.


Photographs of each nation are available on request.
Results will be updated throughout the tournament on the Bowling World Cup section of our website:  
Fans around the world will again be able to get all the results and follow the scores on line during the tournament  by going here, and clicking on the on-line scoring button.
Stay up-to-date and follow all of this year’s tournament action, LIVE – On Facebook, Twitter, the official QubicaAMF website, with Live Streaming and Live On-Line Scoring.
This year bowlers, coaches, friends and family—even those that cannot be there in person—will be able to follow the QubicaAMF Bowling World Cup tournament action live in more ways than ever before.
Live streaming is back for this year’s tournament covering a pair of lanes showcasing bowlers as they move across the lanes with live commentary, including interviews with bowlers and coaches. Follow the entire Bowling World Cup event LIVE on BowlTV. Or you can follow our Youtube Playlist where you will have updated videos from the event, live streaming links and interviews all in one place.


In addition, you can keep up with your favourite bowler’s scores live, on-line. See how they are bowling and their pinfall, frame-by-frame, as it’s happening. Once the tournament starts, click here.  Be sure to add this address to your ‘Favourites’ so you easily access it throughout the week.
You will also be able to stay up-to-date on all official Bowling World Cup news, results, qualifying rounds, social events and more through Facebook and twitter.  You’ll know what happens as it happens including high scores, country match-ups, daily highlights and World Cup staff comments.  ‘Follow’ us on Twitter @bowling world cup  and be sure to ‘Like’ us on Facebook. The official hashtags of the event are #52BWC,  #BWC.    
If you would like to have the latest scores emailed to you after each game, then simply send an email to BWCResults@QubicaAMF.com and you’ll be added to the distribution list. Don’t forget to add us to your ‘Safe List’.
Full results can be downloaded at the end of the tournament.
Anne-Marie Board
QubicaAMF Bowling World Cup and Marketing Manager

Representative teams overseas - 14/10/2016

The New Zealand Senior Team to compete in the Australian Senior Teams Challenge over the next week has now arrived in Sydney.

The team is as follows:

Manager: Roger Tucker

Mens: Terry Mustchin, Roger Tucker, Greg Nicholas, Fred Housham
Ladies: Annabelle Swain, Jho Balanay, Sandy Hoare, Janet Miklos

New Zealand's World Cup representatives - Sarah Young and Sonny Reguerra - have also arrived in Shanghai, China, for the QubicaAMF Bowling World Cup.

TBNZ wishes all these athletes the best of luck and high scoring.

2017 TBNZ Event Calendar - 06/10/2016

The 2017 calendar of TBNZ run tournaments can now be found here.

The centre run events have not yet been added, this will happen in due course once the details are confirmed.

Canterbury Open - 27/09/2016

The sanctioning and ranking of the Canterbury Open is subject to lane certification approval and review of the tournament rules to ensure they comply with all TBNZ policies.  Provisional rules are being advertised early because the intent of the organisers is to proceed with the tournament, regardless of the outcome.

More info on the Canterbury Open can be found here.

Level 1 Coaching - 14/09/2016

TBNZ is now taking enrolments for Level 1 Accreditation.  Refer to the following documents.  Please note the deadline for registration.

Level 1 Accreditation     Coach Registration Form     Personal Character Declaration

2016 Wellington Championships - important notice - 12/08/2016

“Following a lack of entries for this new format of event, the three centres involved have agreed to cancel the event at this stage.

We welcome any/all feedback on the format and may look at running something similar in the future”

North City Tenpin, Strike Entertainment, Newtown Bowlarama

2016 Otago Open - 08/08/2016

Message from the TBNZ Media Officer Roger Tucker:

With regret the Otago Open, scheduled for 3 - 4 September has been cancelled. Bowline has recently changed hands and the new owners will endeavour to host the event in 2017.

Unfortunately due to staffing issues they can’t guarantee the required high level of service required to ensure a smooth running of this tournament. They realise this will be a disappointment for many bowlers as it is to them.

USBC Coaching Qualifications - 25/07/2016

Message from the TBNZ Media Officer Roger Tucker:

TBNZ has now signed the contract with TBA to be included under the banner of USBC coaching programme.  We are currently running courses for our existing coaches to transition from TBA to the USBC accreditation.
We have successfully run the first USBC Bronze Course in Wellington on the 9th/10th of July and we are pleased to announce that all the four coaches who attended have passed their online assessments.   Congratulations to Albert Saw, Roger Tucker, Chris Haynes and Ricco Panapasa.  Well done everyone.

Tournament Dress Codes - 24/06/2016

There was confusion that the one-off deviation from the rules for NTC to allow shorts for Men was a blanket rule for all tournaments. This is not the case. The dress code rules in the TBNZ Rule Book has not changed.

The dress code for each individual tournament will be as stipulated in the rules that you are entering. What happened at Nationals was a result of the misunderstanding, that there was a blanket rule and thus created the confusion. TBNZ apologises for this, as it should not have happened.

TBNZ encourages all bowlers, to please read all rules before entering any tournament. When TBNZ have completed the review of the rules and policies this will be communicated to the membership.


Pete Richardson
TBNZ National Tournament Manager

Message from our Media Officer - 14/06/2016

Questions were asked at the AGM about changes TBNZ were making to various policies heading into 2017.

The reasoning behind these changes is that TBNZ want to encourage greater tournament participation and at the same time place more responsibility on bowlers wishing to represent New Zealand to upskill themselves.

If any member wants to make any suggestions please email Roger Tucker at: media@tbnz.co.nz for your views to be considered.

We hope to have all changes completed and posted by the end of August.

2016 Southland Open - CANCELLED - 02/06/2016

It is with regret that we have to announce that the 2016 Southland Open has to be cancelled. This is mainly due to the lack of entries received so far, that make it not viable to host the event. We thank everyone who did enter and we look forward to hopefully seeing you all in 2017.

Kind Regards

Southland SuperBowl

2016 New Zealand Teams - 30/05/2016

TBNZ would like to congratulate the following bowlers who have been selected to represent New Zealand:
Adult Asian Zone Championship in September in Hong Kong
Coach: Mark Stretton

Mens: David Warwick, Zane Carlson, Dan Ellis, Greg Nicholas, Russell Young, Joseph Dumaran

Walter Rachuig Tournament in Sydney in October
Manager: Stephen Penney
Coach: Mark Stretton

Mens: James Kelly, David Warwick, Joseph Dumaran, Craig Nevatt, Brodie Hunt, Pete Richardson
Ladies: Sarah Young, Stephanie George, Kerrie Churchill, Christine Rota, Kelly Wilson, Dairne Kaimoana

Senior Team Challenge in Sydney in  October
Manager: Roger Tucker

Mens: Terry Mustchin, Roger Tucker, Greg Nicholas, Fred Housham
Ladies: Annabelle Swain, Jho Balanay, Sandy Hoare, Janet Miklos
Senior Asian Zone Championships in Korea in November
Manager: Fred Housham

Mens: Fred Housham, Chan Harris, Tim Swain, TBC
Ladies: Annabelle Swain, Robyn Watkins, Donna Fletcher, Catherine Sellman

Thank you to the selectors for their hard work and many hours spent in selecting these teams

Terry Mustchin
TBNZ Squad Manager

2016 AGM - 29/04/2016

The TBNZ Annual General Meeting will be held in Wellington during the TBNZ Open National Championships at Queens Birthday weekend.

The venue and date for the AGM is as follows:

  • The Phypers Room, Porirua Club, 1 Lodge Place, Porirua
  • Friday, 3rd June at 8.30 p.m.

The club offers good dining facilities as well as the usual pool tables, bar etc.  Go to the Club website for further details :  http://www.poriruaclub.co.nz

Please note that the carpark is for club members only, however there is available parking downstairs any time after 6pm, otherwise there is parking across the road next to the ANZ Bank.

The AGM website link is now available here, and the Agenda, appropriate nomination and Notice of Motion forms, and Constitution are now available.  Notices of Motion are coming in, and Financial statements will be made available shortly.

If you are planning to attend, please advise Josie Adams (admin@tbnz.co.nz) no later than 26 May 2016.

Open Nationals - 04/04/2016

TBNZ is proud to present the 2016 TBNZ Open National Championships, being held at North City Tenpin, Porirua, from June 3-6.

The entry form and rules documents for this event are now available here.

Entries are also available through the TBNZ Shop, the link is here.

National Squad Manager - 03/04/2016

TBNZ would like to congratulate Terry Mustchin on his appointment to the position of National Squad Manager.

Roger Creamer Named Director of International Relations and Sports Development for QubicaAMF - 02/04/2016

Please see the press release from QubicaAMF here.

Important WADA Announcement - 23/03/2016

WADA have updated their prohibited substances list.  Details here.

More information on WADA can be found here.

Important USBC Announcement - 16/03/2016

USBC have revoked certification approval of two Motiv Bowling Balls - the Jackal and Jackal Carnage - effective imediately.  Details here.

2016 National Rankings - 22/02/2016

The first update to the TBNZ National Rankings (after the Wellington Open) is now available here.

As per the Rankings Policy for 2016, ranking points are calculated using the points earned at the National Champs for the respective divisions (Youth, Open, Senior) plus the best 6 points earned from other tournaments.

Points earned for tournaments that were held in 2015 under the Ranking Policy that was applicable at that time, will remain unchanged until the same tournament is played in 2016. In other words, we are not applying the 2016 ranking policy to individual tournaments until they are played in 2016.

Any further questions can be directed to the TBNZ Rankings Officer Tim Swain.

2016 Otago Eliminator CANCELLED - 05/02/2016

Bowline Dunedin regrets to inform the membership, that the 2016 Otago Eliminator has been cancelled.

2016 National Training Squad - 01/02/20016

There is  a slight delay in invitations for this year’s National Training Squad being sent out due to a few amendments that require finalising prior to release. This needs to happen so eligible bowlers know what is expected of them. The updated policy had been agreed in principle by the Board and should be out before the end of the week.

2016 Membership Numbers - 01/02/20016

From 1 January 2016 TBNZ is changing the way membership numbers are issued. Up until now bowlers received a different number each year when they paid their membership fee. From the above date a bowler will retain the same number each year, provided their membership fees are up to date, and TBNZ will only need to update address/phone number details when they have changed.

This change should eliminate duplication on the register and also assist bowlers to remember their numbers!

2016 Manukau Open - 01/02/20016

Manukau Superstrike is proud to present the 2016 Manukau Open, to be held at Manukau Superstrike on March 4-6.  Entry forms are now available here.

This event will be ranked as a Grade 2 event on the National Rankings.

30 Year Milestone for the Ballcrushers League - 29/01/2016

Congratulations to the Ballcrushers League on this amazing achievement. This is a good reminder that league bowling is fundamental to the success of our sport.


On Tuesday 26th January 2016 our Ballcrushers League here in Lower Hutt commenced for the New Year. The significance of this is that it is 30 years since being established.

We started in Petone as 4 bowlers per team but over the years have been reduced to 3. New Zealand Rail wanted the Petone land so the owners moved the Centre to Lower Hutt.

One of our Centre League coordinators then was Kerry Richmond and our Centre League Coordinator now is …….. Kerry Richmond, he also bowls in our League and is our Treasurer.

Our Historian and Record Keeper in 1986 was Boyce Wong and our Historian and Record Keeper now is ……. Boyce Wong.

This makes Boyce one of our Founder Members of which there are only 2. The other bowler is Marion Gunn who has been our President for many years.

We are planning a reunion by way of a get together and dinner on Saturday 19th November this year so if there are any bowlers who bowled in the Ballcrushers League and would like to email me I will add you to our list of interested bowlers.

I know there are hundreds of bowlers using Facebook so could I please ask you all to put our invitation on your Facebook page.

Thanks, I look forward to hearing from any interested bowlers.

Kind Regards
Marion Gunn


2016 Waitakere Masters - 25/01/2016

Pins Lincoln is proud to present the 2016 Waitakere Masters, to be held at Pins Lincoln on April 8-10.  Entry forms are now available here.

2016 Tauranga Seniors Cup - 23/01/2016

Tenpin Tauranga is proud to present the 2016 Tauranga Seniors Cup, to be held at Tenpin Tauranga on February 27-28.  Entry forms are now available here.

Please note that entries are being taken online, please see the entry form for more details.

Squad lists will be updated live as entries are received.  Payments can be taken by internet bank transfer or by credit card, please note additional charges apply to credit card payments.

2016 Ebonite Manawatu Cup - 21/01/2016

Palmy is the place to be on the 11th-13th March, after last year's successful event Bowlarama Palmerston North is holding its second TBNZ sanctioned tournament, the 2016 Ebonite Manawatu Cup.

The Kegel lane pattern will be posted closer to the event with a 3-1 sport pattern for a fair and competitive tournament for all bowlers.

The entry form is now available here

This year there is also a separate Senior division as well as the Mens, Ladies and Junior/Youth divisions. The estimated prize fund has increased to $5000, but a minimum of $3000 is guaranteed.

Eat. Sleep. Bowl.

Important WADA Announcement - 23/03/2016

WADA have updated their prohibited substances list.  Details here.

TBNZ would like to congratulate the following bowlers who have been selected to represent New Zealand:


Adult Asian Zone Championship in September in Hong Kong

Coach: Mark Stretton



David Warwick

Zane Carlson

Dan Ellis

Greg Nicholas

Russell Young



Walter Rachuig Tournament in Sydney in October

Manager: Stephen Penney

Coach: Mark Stretton



James Kelly

David Warwick

Joseph Dumaran

Craig Nevatt

Brodie Hunt

Pete Richardson



Sarah Young

Stephanie George

Kerrie Churchill

Christine Rota

Kelly Wilson

Dairne Kaimoana


Senior Team Challenge in Sydney in  October

Manager: Roger Tucker



Terry Mustchin

Roger Tucker

Greg Nicholas

Fred Housham



Annabelle Swain

Jho Balanay

Sandy Hoare

Janet Miklos


Senior Asian Zone Championships in Korea in November

Manager: Fred Housham



Fred Housham

Chan Harris

Tim Swain




Annabelle Swain

Robyn Watkins

Donna Fletcher

Catherine Sellman


Thank you to the selectors for their hard work and many hours spent in selecting these teams



Terry Mustchin

TBNZ Squad Manager


Australian National Youth Cup and Teams Challenge - 09/01/2016

Hi all, and Happy New Year to everyone.  The TBNZ Office is now open for 2016.

The Australian National Youth Teams Challenge at Wyncity Entertainment Centre, Melbourne, commences on Tuesday January 12.  The NZ team competed in the National Youth Cup, more info on this event and the Teams Challenge can be found here.

Results for the National Youth Cup can be found here, and for the Teams Challenge here.

NZ team updates on the National Youth Cup and Teams Challenge can be found here.

TBA have released the following event previews for the Youth Cup and Youth Teams Challenge events.



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